A Day Of Serious Museuming In Berlin: Schlüter, Bugatti, Indian Painting

1) Exhibition about sculptor-architect Schlüter dominating baroque Berlin:

Quite large but overall disappointing. Lots of bits and pieces, including too many unnecessary exhibits in the first rooms, lack of orientation (Just where is the Berlin Dome located? And which court was the Schlüter- and which the Eosander court again?), and lack of information (When where the old photographs of the castle taken? And very little guidance towards the current castle reconstruction site) – I don’t find this a must-see at all.
– “Schloss Bau Meister. Andreas Schlüter and baroque Berlin” at Bode-Museum.

2) Rembrandt Bugatti, slightly younger colleague of Rodin and, unjustly, widely forgotten animalier. The fascinating, sometimes even comical sculptures, complemented with brief but informative explanations, are simply set up in the museum’s permanent exhibition of paintings which makes for an entertaining walk – another nice Kittelmann job, I must say. If unfamiliar with the permanent exhibition bring even more time. It’s definitely worth it!
– “Rembrandt Bugatti” at Alte Nationalgalerie.

20140429 Rembrandt Bugatti in Berlin

3) Special exhibition “Love for Pleasure. Wine, tobacco and drugs in Indian Painting“: Tiny, but cute – at the Pergamon Museum.

…and finishing off:

20140429 Finishing Off Serious Museuming in Berlin