Best. Livefeed. Ever.

British journalist Ben Bloom (benbloomsport on Twitter) covering the press conference of Jürgen Klopp leaving BVB Dortmund without knowing a word of German – to be found at the Telegraph.

…his summary: It was like someone had died, and they used the word ‘fantastisch’ very often.

Simply hilarious.

Fake Street Names On Google Maps

On Google maps, the Frankfurt University Campus Westend’s squares and streets seem to be officially renamed. Entries such as “Avenue to overpriced cafeteria” or “Road to the highway occupation” indicate students chose guerrilla communication to protest against the official new name scheme to be in effect soon. – Found on Frankfurter Rundschau

The Economist plans to write about Hasbro’s move to crowdsource new rules for Monopoly

The Economist announces plans to write about Hasbro’s move to crowdsource new rules for Monopoly: Hasbro, a toy and game-maker, is looking to allow fans to choose from an array of ten popular but unofficial house rules (such as receiving $400 rather than $200 for passing “Go”) with the most popular becoming official. Their invitation: If you can come up with some imaginative rules in the Monopoly spirit that reflect the reality of doing business today, post your suggestions on The Economist’s website and they could be printed in this week’s article: