Perlen des Lokaljournalismus: Verzweifelte Kakao-Kuh. Mit Bild!

Genaueres hier.

(Translation: Bremen. On Sunday afternoon, a passer-by discovered a cow in a pasture ditch. She was in the water up to the neck. Alerted police officials analyzed the situation and called the firemen for rescue. Next, they came to the conclusion that the cow had probably felt excluded and therefore went into the ditch. She was a so-called Cocoa Cow, while her cousins on the meadow ​​were all black-and-white Holsteins. The fire department and a farmer with a tractor saved the cow from the pasture ditch. The Holsteins watched their doing so with interest. The sludge had temporarily fulfilled the cow’s wishes, at least until her neck, and made her color match that of the Holsteins. For further support, the farmer took over.)