Private View of “German. Memories of a Nation” at the British Museum

Not big but great! Brief and accurately to the point. Uncommon combinations of objects, e.g. porcelaine, a Gutenberg bible, and Bauhaus objects under the Audi claim ‘Vorsprung durch Technik” (translated politely as ‘progress through technology’) – it’s really worth checking out. Only the shop at the end pays a bit too much tribute to allegedly German icons. But of course it might be that I just don’t really understand British humour.

Dessau-Wörlitz Shortens Opening Hours Of The Garden Kingdom

Under pressure to cut expenditures, the cultural foundation that is in charge of preserving, researching and developing the UNESCO World Heritage site including all its buildings, gardens and art collections decided to shorten its opening hours. But measures such as these need to be carefully balanced, especially when other options include increasing other revenues. Read some background (in German) on the MZ’s website, and more on the garden kingdom here.